We at Arndale Solicitors understand that our continued success depends on our members.

That is why we are committed to recruiting and retaining the very best individuals in our areas of practice. 

  • Tribunals' Cases
  • County Court's Cases
  • Magistrate Court's Cases
  • High Courts' Cases

Business Law & Practice
  • Company Formation and legal advice
  • Partnership Agreement and legal advice
  • Drafting legal documents

Criminal Law
  • Common Assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Road Traffic (driving) Offences
  • Police Station Representation and Bail

Civil and Commercial Law
  • Our aim is to resolve any dispute without unnecessary litigation. It is not about who is right or wrong – it is about justice and what the law says.
  • Our priority is to protect our client's interest and to advise client on how to minimise legal and/or litigation costs.
  • If the matter cannot be resolve without litigation we will represent you in County Court and High Courts

Children Law
  • Child Arrangements Order
  • Care Order
  • Prohibited Step Order
  • Advice and Representation in Care Proceedings
  • Adoption Issues
  • Emergency Protection Orders
  • Fact Finding Hearing

Employment Law
  • Unfair Dismissal
  • Constructive Dismissal
  • Harassment/Bullying at work
  • Discrimination at work
  • Equal Pay issues
  • TUPE
  • Holiday pay issues
  • Unpaid wage issues
  • Stress at Work
  • Redundancy
  • Disciplinary hearing
Family Law
  • Divorce and Separation
  • Ancillary/Financial Relief Proceedings
  • Domestic Violence

Immigration Law
  • All Immigration Appeals and Bail application
  • Asylum and Humanitarian Protection
  • Application for Naturalisation as a British Citizen
  • British Citizenship Registration
  • Dependent relatives visas and Leave to Remain
  • Deportation matters
  • EEA Residence Card/Permanent Residence Card under European Law for non-EEA national
  • EEA Registration Certificate or Permanent Residence card as an EEA/EU national
  • Family visit visa
  • Judicial Review Matters
  • Bail Application
  • Long Residence (Lawful or Unlawful)
  • Leave to Remain under Tier 4 Student Migrant
  • Further Leave to Remain outside the Immigration Rules
  • Further Leave to Remain under Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules
  • Spouse visas and Indefinite Leave to Remain as a spouse
  • All other Entry Clearance Applications

  • Family Law
  • Civil and Commercial Law

Personal Injuries
  • Road Traffic Accident (RTA)
  • Accident at work & Employment liability claims
  • Occupier liability claims
  • Criminal Injury

Solicitor Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT)