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We now offer same day services on your application for further leave to remain and/or indefinite leave to remain in the UK...


  • Tribunals' Cases
  • County Court's Cases
  • Magistrate Court's Cases
  • High Courts' Cases

Arndale Solicitors is a diverse firm dealing with almost all areas of legal practice. We provide legal advice on all aspects of Immigration law, Company law, Commercial litigation, Civil litigation, Family Law, Repossession, Wills and Probate, Advocacy and European Law.

Arndale Solicitors do not only provide services to private individuals, we also provide Advocacy Services to Solicitors' Firms and Legal Advisory Services within Yorkshire and all over United Kingdom at competitive rates.

For most of our services we operate a fixed fee arrangement. We will provide you with an estimate of our likely fee and agree with you in advance before we start any work.

For complex and unusual matters, we calculate our charges by reference to the time actually spent by the Solicitors in respect of any work, which they do on your behalf. However, we provide Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) for Clients and Solicitors after assessing the prospect of their cases.

Our aim is to ensure that we provide efficient Professional Services. As a result we provide 24hrs telephone legal advice and Police Station visit at competitive rates.

We will never let you down.

Our Members and Diversity

Arndale Solicitors are people business, we therefore need the highest calibre of members from all backgrounds of the community with the right environment to develop personally and professionally to provide high quality of services required by the communities in which we operates.

We therefore celebrate the diversity of our members, our clients and communities we deal with everyday. The quality of services we provided to various communities with our backgrounds is our asset.

Our Principal Solicitor is prudent to oversee the practical implementation and continued development of the firm's diversity strategy. His focus is on gender, age, disability, race and sexual orientation to ensure all are treated equally across the board and by treating members equally mean that communities will receive equal services as per their various instructions and needs.

Our aim is to welcome more members from various communities and make Arndale Solicitors an environment to work and provide services to all backgrounds. "We therefore believe equality is essential and key to an healthy firm of solicitors".

Jason Jamil Solicitor - Advocate